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Thermal, heating and air conditioning

To improve the energy consumption and efficiency of your system, request the

Free energy check-up

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The Energy Check Up is very simple to carry out with annual savings that can easily reach €400 for an average family.

After submitting your request, one of our energy experts trained in the field will contact you to explore your real energy needs with you!

Why do we start from this? Because very often waste starts from poorly sized systems, both in excess and in deficiency.

After understanding your lighting and heating needs in detail, the Consultant will be able to provide you with a series of options to lower your bills:

  • Change of electricity and gas supplier, moving to the free energy market
  • Replacement of old gas boilers with the most modern and efficient condensing boilers
  • Installation of a solar roof with latest generation photovoltaic panels
  • Installation of Efficient Heating Systems, based on Heat Pump and Solar Thermal
  • Replacement of traditional light bulbs with the more efficient LED lamps

Photovoltaic systems

The energy of the sun at your fingertips:

simple, sustainable and also convenient.

You will be able to enjoy the benefits provided by the Building Renovation Bonus.

All-inclusive service with initial inspection for the creation of a personalized quote, system design drawn up by energy engineers, assistance with tax incentives and connection to the grid and after-sales technical assistance.

Possibility of payment in installments without advance payment.

Read the conditions

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Heating, air conditioning, heat pumps


Using free, ecological and renewable energy from soil, water and air, heat pumps are the ideal solution for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions and, at the same time, preserving the planet.

For the installation of a heat pump, an accurate assessment of your home and its heating needs is essential: the optimal functioning of a heat pump generally occurs in new homes, with underfloor systems or low-temperature radiators. In the case of redevelopment of a traditional system, the thermal insulation of the building must be high-performance to contain heat losses and to lower the operating temperature of the existing radiators.

Based on a heat balance, you can choose the operating mode of a heat pump: monovalent (the heat pump is the only heat generator) or Hybrid (a support generator is present in the system).

The monovalent mode is recommended especially in new buildings, well insulated and in non-climate zones particularly rigid. Hybrid mode can be used in very cold climate zones, rather than in renovations where higher energy needs make a heat generator convenient.

Condensing boilers

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Transparent and worry-free package

  • Free inspection
  • Basic washing of the entire system
  • Installation of new boiler
  • Possible adjustment of fumes and condensation discharge
  • Chronothermostat
  • Release of documentation at the end of the intervention/update
  • Thermostatic valves
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Smoke leak test
  • Disassembly and disposal of the old boiler
  • Cleaning the work area

    INSTALLATION OF ACCESSORIES: dirt separator filter, alkaline filter, polyphosphate dispenser, thermostatic valves, chronothermostat (wiring excluded)
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