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How can we help you?

energy… but not only!

Who we are? Simple!


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Who we are? Simple!

We are undisputed masters of the world of sustainability and energy saving.

With a team of expert professionals and the collaboration with Estia house , New Energy Italia offers infinite solutions for the design and construction of your future prefabricated wooden house.
Proposing, through the twenty-year collaboration with AGN Energia , customized solutions for your photovoltaic and thermal system .

New Energy Italia is also the official agent of AGN Energia   for the supply of electricity, methane gas and LPG gas throughout Italy.

And for your well-being? New Energy Italia designs and builds in-ground pools , above-ground pools, mini-pools and spa tubs, making your home unique.

We are New Energy Italia , the answer to your energy needs and dreams.

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Free energy check-up

To improve the energy consumption and efficiency of your system and reduce costs we offer you a free check-up.
Request it now, click here


Light supply

Business Gas Supply

Home Gas Supply

Contracts for the supply of gas and LPG for business users

Contracts for the supply of gas and LPG for private users.

Contracts for the supply of electricity for private and business users

Energy check-up

To improve the energy consumption and efficiency of your system and reduce costs we offer you a free check-up.

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Thermal plants

New Energy Italia designs and creates with professionalism and innovation photovoltaic and thermal systems suitable for winter or summer air conditioning services of environments, with the use of heating systems, air conditioners, heat pumps, integrated with the production of domestic hot water.

No challenge is too great for our energy and our constant commitment to the safety and reliability of the materials we use is unparalleled.

Our mission is to ensure maximum functionality and maximum efficiency to meet the individual needs of our audience. Together, we can build a bright and sustainable future.

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Prefabricated wooden houses

modern and eco-sustainable

Estia House was born from the meeting between the centuries-old mastery of Estonian craftsmen in the construction of wooden houses and the expertise of an elite of technicians and consultants present throughout Italy. The ultra-modern factories, equipped with CNC numerical control machinery and managed by highly specialized personnel, guarantee a very high quality product capable of satisfying the highest European standards.

The objective of New Energy Italia is to accompany customers in choosing customized homes with high energy efficiency to meet the specific needs of our customers, starting from the design phase up to the creation of the finishes.
In short, offering construction solutions of the highest level, characterized by the use of fine materials and meticulous attention to detail.


Trust us to create the home of your dreams and live a life of luxury without any sacrifices.


Swimming pools

underground and above ground

Welcome to the universe of New Energy Italia , where your wishes come true.
We are experts in creating bespoke pools , using cutting-edge materials and technologies to ensure superior quality.
With our professionalism and experience, we offer you a complete and personalized service to transform your dream pool into a tangible reality.

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