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The importance of the free energy check-up

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The Energy Check Up is very simple to carry out with annual savings that can easily reach €400 for an average family.

After submitting your request, one of our energy experts trained in the field will contact you to explore your real energy needs with you!

Why do we start from this? Because very often waste starts from poorly sized systems, both in excess and in deficiency.

After understanding your lighting and heating needs in detail, the Consultant will be able to provide you with a series of options to lower your bills:

  • Change of electricity and gas supplier, moving to the free energy market
  • Replacement of old gas boilers with the most modern and efficient condensing boilers
  • Installation of a solar roof with latest generation photovoltaic panels
  • Installation of Efficient Heating Systems, based on Heat Pump and Solar Thermal
  • Replacement of traditional light bulbs with the more efficient LED lamps


Energy solutions for home and business

New Energy Italia is an AGN ENERGIA agency with which we supply LPG, electricity, methane gas and energy efficiency for domestic and business users through convenient solutions and a precise, safe, fast and reliable service.

Our goal is to propose solutions that satisfy the energy needs of our customers, be they private individuals or companies, in an immediate, simple, transparent and convenient way.

We analyze your energy situation, evaluate the best proposals and install more efficient systems, to obtain lower consumption, lower emissions and greater savings.

Supply for your home

LPG is a low environmental impact fuel useful in situations involving small and medium combustion for areas not reached by methane.

Through tanks and cylinders it is therefore an excellent solution for private users.

Our energy offer is completed with AGN ENERGIA , home lighting solutions, home methane gas and energy efficiency and saving solutions dedicated to private systems.

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Supply for your business

LPG is a low environmental impact fuel useful in situations involving small and medium combustion for areas not reached by methane.

Through tanks and cylinders it is therefore an excellent solution for companies.

Thanks to the partnership with   AGN ENERGY   our energy offer is completed with business electricity , business LPG gas , business methane gas and energy efficiency solutions dedicated to corporate, industrial and agricultural systems.

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Let's talk about AGN Energia

AGN ENERGIA is a modern energy company founded in 1958 which over the decades has been able to maintain its growth and innovation process constant, to the point of offering, in addition to LPG, also electricity and gas, solutions for energy efficiency and the production of renewable energy to private individuals, condominiums and companies throughout the national territory. AGN ENERGIA 's sustainable commitment is aimed at developing a path for adopting ESG criteria for the creation of a sustainable business model through the right integration between sustainability, innovation and digitalisation.
AGN ENERGIA , while maintaining its strong position in the supply of LPG to individuals and companies, aims to increase the services offered, thanks to electricity and gas tariffs in the free energy market with very advantageous offers and guarantees of transparency and reliability.
AGN ENERGIA is one of the few companies on the free market which, in addition to selling electricity and gas, can supply LPG for small and large tanks throughout Italy, and support customers in the energy transition process towards renewable energy.

AGN ENERGIA for the Energy Transition

AGN ENERGIA , in fact, stands out from other operators in the energy market for its direct commitment to the development of innovative solutions for the energy transition, investing in research for the production of BIO LPG, as an alternative fuel that can contribute to carbon neutrality.
In addition to innovation on Biogas, AGN ENERGIA is investing, directly and indirectly, in plants for production from renewable sources, also offering the installation service of photovoltaic systems and efficient heating systems to individuals and companies.

AGN ENERGIA: Electricity and Gas Rates for the Home

AGN ENERGIA offers clear and competitive electricity and gas offers.
The strong points of the AGN ENERGIA offers are essentially:

  • 100% green electricity
  • transparent and clear bill, also available in digital version MY AGN
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